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Quick Overview

Model: VA-SA35, VA-SA50, VA-SA75, VA-SA100.
Available Volume: 35 liters, 50 liters, 75 liters, 100 liters.

Steam Sterilizer Autoclave Machine Instructions and Principle:
Automatic control over the processes of filling water, heating, sterilization, steam exhaust and dryness.
1. Fully stainless steel material.
2. Horizontal sliding door, self- bulge seal ring, operated easily.
3. Door safety lock system, the door is made of high performance heat insulation material.
4. Positive pressure pulse function exhaust cool air of chamber thoroughly and ensure the steam saturation.
5. Micro-computer control technique, touch-key, LCD display the menu.
6. Built-in water tank. Steam and water circulation system, no external water source, not exhaust steam outside, environment is clean and dryness.
7. Preheating control function.
8. With two stainless steel sterilizing baskets.

Safety Device:
1. Safe protection of water lacking
2. The program will be stopped if water level lower than the low limit.
3. The buzzer alarms when a cycle of operation is completed.
4. Over temperature&over pressure auto-protection.
5. Over current protector.
6. Door safety interlock: The door cannot be opened until there is no pressure in the chamber and power for heating cannot be switched on until the door is firmly closed.
7. Safety valve of auto release against over-pressure.

Top Loading Vertical Lab Sterilizer Autoclave for Sale - Bluestone Autoclave

They are used in sterilising dressing, instrument, rubber, culture medium sterilization and keep warm.
Process, temperature, time dynamic LCD displayed. Fault automatic displayed and alarm.
It can be sterilizing medical equipment, surgical instruments, medical dressings, glass utensils, solutions and culture media.

VA-SA Vertical Lab Sterilizer Autoclave with Sliding Door Specifications and User Manual from Autoclave Manufacturer:

Model VA-SA35 VA-SA50 VA-SA75 VA-SA100
Volume 35 Liters 50 Liters 75 Liters 100 Liters
Sterilizing Chamber Volume Ø318*H450 mm Ø340*H550 mm Ø400*H600 mm Ø440*H650 mm
Working Pressure 0.22 Mpa 0.22 Mpa 0.22 Mpa 0.22 Mpa
Max Working Pressure 0.23 Mpa 0.23 Mpa 0.23 Mpa 0.23 Mpa
Working Temperature 134°C 134°C 134°C 134°C
Adjustment of Temperature 126°C-134°C 126°C-134°C 126°C-134°C 126°C-134°C
Timer 0-99 Minutes 0-99 Minutes 0-99 Minutes 0-99 Minutes
Heat Average ≤± 1°C ≤± 1°C ≤± 1°C ≤± 1°C
Power 2.5 KW
AC220V 50Hz
3.5 KW
AC220V 50Hz
4.5 KW
AC220V 50Hz
4.5 KW
AC220V 50Hz
Sterilizing Baskets 1 PCS 1 PCS 2 PCS 2 PCS
Product Dimension 600*410*1030 mm 650*410*1140 mm 690*470*1140 mm 730*510*1270 mm
Package Dimension 730*500*1170 mm 730*500*1290 mm 760*550*1290 mm 820*600*1380 mm
Gross Weight/Net Weight 96 kg / 77 kg 102 kg/ 83 kg 120 kg/ 98 kg 135 kg / 110 kg

VA-SA Vertical Lab Sterilizer Autoclave Price and Cost

Model Retailer Price: Wholesale Price?
VA-SA35 USD2100.00/Unit Enquiry Now to Get the Latest and Lowest  Steam Sterilizer Autoclave Machine VA-SA Wholesale Price Now, We can Help.
VA-SA50 USD2863.00/Unit
VA-SA75 USD3755.00/Unit
VA-SA100 USD4683.00/Unit

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