Self-adhesive Sterilization Pouch for Sale - Bluestone

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Self-adhesive Sterilization Pouch for Sale - Bluestone

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Self-adhesive Sterilization Pouche -Bluestone Ltd.

Suitable used in hospital, outpatient service antiseptic packing, disinfection before using cosmetic, laboratory articles antiseptic packing, family high temperature disinfection packing.

•high-barrier property first class medical craft paper in 60 gr/m2, 70 gr/m2

•Can be easily closed with any kind ofset-top closing device

•Water based and appropriate to the norms ISO 11140non-toxic process indicators 

•Easily opening, non-tearing 

1.Material: medical dialysis paper(60g/m2) + composite film (52 microns CPP/PET film)

2.On the top there is a strong adhesive tape which is used to seal the pouch safely without the sealing machines.

3.There are 3 aligned sealed lines, effectively avoiding crack. 

4.See-through the sterilized medical device by transparent compound film, avoiding errors. 

5.Dual Indicator sterilization pouches feature process indicators that are printed internally and externally on each pouch and change color during sterilization to verify pouches have been processed.

Pink arrows will turn brown when processed by steam.

Blue arrows will turn gold/brown when EtO processed.




Size(width*total length) PACKING SIZE OF CARTON G.W. N.W. VOLUME
57x130 2.25"x5" 200 60 39x28.5x31 12.9 12 0.0345
70x260 2.75"x10" 200 20 31x28x32.5 10.2 9.4 0.0282
90x170 3.5"x6.5" 200 20 39x33x19 9 8.5 0.0245
90x260 3.5"x10" 200 20 39x28x32.5 12.9 12.4 0.0355
135x280 5.25"x11" 200 10 33x30x29 10.5 10 0.0287
190x360 7.5"x14" 200 10 40x38x32.5 18.5 18 0.0494
260x410 10"x16" 200 5 43x33x28 14 13.5 0.04
305x410 12"x16" 200 5 43x33x32 16.5 16 0.0454


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