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Pulsating Vacuum Autoclave TS-DDV Dsektop Sterilizer with Printer for Sale - Bluestone Autoclave

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Quick Overview

Model: TS-DDV12, TS-DDV18, TS-DDV24, TS-DDV35, TS-DDV50

Available Volume: 12 liters, 18 liters, 24 liters, 35 liters, 50 liters

Main Features of Pulsating Vacuum Table Top Autoclave:

1. Standard Class B with three times vacuum and drying, the remaining humidity of sterilized instrument is less than 0.2%.

2. LCD display working status, touch keys.

3. The vacuum data can reach -0.8bar, it fits various instrument, including package, unpackaged, solid, hollow,multi-apertures and inset pipes. It makes sure the instrument can be sterilized completely.

4. Fully computer controlled LCD display bright show. The interface is modularized panel for easy operation.

5. It is installed with BOWIE&DICK which measures the penetration of water steam.

6. It has vacuum text which can make sure the ability of texting vacuuming.

7. Fast and independent steam generator.

8. Built-in mini printer which can record the sterilizer information.

9. Safety valve, Safety lock door system, Pressure or temperature overload protection, Alarm system.

10. Can inactivate HIV, HBV, mad cow virus and bacillus.

Pulsating Vacuum  Autoclave TS-DDV Dsektop Sterilizer with Printer for Sale - Bluestone Autoclave

It is Vacuum Medical Autoclave,  Class B autoclave, European Standard.

LCD display working status, touch keys, built-in mini printer which can record the sterilizer information. 

It can be used in hospitals, pubic healty centers, health stations, clinics, scientific resarh institutes, university, laboratory and food sterilization, etc. 

Pulsating Vacuum  Autoclave TS-DDV Dsektop Sterilizer with Printer Specifictions and User Manual from Autoclave Manufacturer 

Sterilizing chamber volume 12Lϕ200×370 mm 18Lϕ250×360 mm 24Lϕ250×470 mm 35Lϕ300×500 mm 50Lϕ340×550 mm
Working pressure 0.22 Mpa
Working temperature 134 ℃
Adjustment of temperature 105-134 ℃
Timer 0-99 min
Heat average ≤ ±1 ℃
Power AC 220V 50Hz/1.8KW AC 220V 50Hz/2KW AC 220V 50Hz/2KW AC220V 50Hz/2.7KW
Dimension(mm) 560×470×400 560×470×400 675×470×400 730×550×510 770×600×540
Exterior package dimension(mm) 655×560×495 655×560×495 765×560×495 810×680×650 880×730×700
G.W./N.W.(kg) 48/43 52/47 58/53 115/93 130/106

Pulsating Vacuum  Autoclave TS-DDV Dsektop Sterilizer with Printer Price and Cost:

Model Retailer Price: Wholesale Price?
TS-DDV12 USD2300.00/Unit Enquiry Now to Get the Latest and Lowest  Pulsating Vacuum Desktop Steam Sterilizer Wholesale Price Now, We can Help.
TS-DDV18 USD2575.00/Unit
TS-DDV24 USD3000.00/Unit
TS-DDV35 USD3625.00/Unit
TS-DDV50 USD4875.00/Unit

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