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MI-B Series Mould Incubator

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MI-B Series Mould Incubator - Sada Ltd

Model Number: MI-B160, MI-B250, MI-B300, MI-B350, MI-B400, MI-B450, MI-B500

Capacity: 160L, 250L, 300L, 350L, 400L, 450L, 500L

Features of MI-B Series Mould Incubator:

1. The mirror finished stainless steel cabinet; cold-roll steel sheets with plastic-sprayed surface; split-type toughened glass door, convenient and accurate;

2. Observe working chamber situation through observation window;

3. Install fan toe make temperature distribute uniformly;

4. Microcomputer control; can choose timing or continues working; With temperature correction and power-off memory functions;

5. Intelligent liquid crystal temperature control system and touch keyboard ensure accurate temperature control, convenient thermoregulation and precise indicating value;

6. Imported compressor, large screen LCD, Non-CFC refrigeration system;

7. With humidification function and automatic control humidity;

8. Equipped with ultraviolet disinfection lamps, convenient for sterilization;

9. Elegant appearance, convenient to maintain.

MI-B Series Mould Incubator - Sada Ltd

MI-B Series Mould Incubator is used for various kinds of microculture and incubation. It is applicable for medicine, chemical industry, environmental protection, agriculture detection and scientific research, etc.

MI-B Series Mould Incubator Specifications and User Manual from Lab Incubator Manufacturer:

Model MI-B160 MI-B250 MI-B300 MI-B350 MI-B400 MI-B450 MI-B500
Volume 160L 250L 300L 350L 400L 450L 500L
Working Environment Temperature 0 - 50°C
Relative Humidity ≤ 80% RH
Altitude Up to 2000m
Voltage AC220V ± 22V, 50HZ ± 1HZ
Temperature Control Range 5 - 50°C
Temperature Accuracy 0.1°C
Fluctuation ±0.1°C - ±1°C
Uniformity ±0.5°C
Controller PID Microprocessor Control, Light Touch Button, LCD Display
Sensor PT100
Humidity Range 40-90% RH
Humidity Accuracy ± 1% RH
Humidity Fluctuation ± 3% RH - ± 7% RH
Humidification Mode Outside Humidification
Others Ultraciolet Sterilization, Environment-protection Refrigeration
Timer 0-9999 min or Continuous Operation
Material Inside Mirror Stainless Steel
Outside High Quality Aluminium Alloy


(W*L*H mm)

Inside 540*540*600 540*540*900 540*540*1050 540*540*1200 540*540*1250 640*640*1100 640*640*1250
Outside 600*600*1285 600*600*1600 600*600*1735 600*600*1850 600*600*1970 700*700*1820 700*700*1970
Net Weight (KGS) 93 99 99 115 115 121 131
Power (W) 680 725 725 765 765 830 830
Tray (PCS) 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

MI-B Series Mould Incubator Price and Cost:

Model Retailer Price: Wholesale Price?
MI-B160 USD963.00/Unit

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MI-B250 USD1055.00/Unit
MI-B300 USD1126.00/Unit
MI-B350 USD1250.00/Unit
MI-B400 USD1400.00/Unit






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