128 Liter Medical Refrigerator

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128 Liter Medical Refrigerator

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128 Liter Medical Refrigerator - Sada Ltd

Model No.: MF-128

Volume: 128 liter

Features of 128 Liter Medical Refrigerator:

1. Control by micro-computer, digital display temperature. Adjust step is 0.1°C , air cooling circulation system, inside chamber temperature fluctuation is ±2°C, can through the adjusting and setting temperature to ensure the inside temperature constant at

2 °C ~8 °C.

2. Withinspection window heat insulation door, superior stainless steel tray, easy to storage and fetch, also easy to clean.

3. Power-on delay system, inside lighting system.

4. Superior stainless steel material chamber.

5. Adopts R134a refrigerant, 100% no contain CFC, to protect the ozone layer.

6. With complete alarm system, buzzer and light flashing alarm function, over-temperature alarm, sensor failure alarm, open door alarm function;

7. High-density insulation layer, well insulation effect.

8. Resonable evaporative condenser system design.

9. Direct current inside draught fan, air-cooled structure, resonable design air duct and air flow, ensure the inside temperature uniformity.

10. Resonable evaporative condenser design, effectively increase the refrigerated area, also increase the cooling rate.

128 Liter Medical Refrigerator

Specifications of 128 Liter Medical Refrigerator:

Volume 128L
Working Environment Temperature:0 °C - 50 °C
Relative Max. Humidity 80%
Altitude up to 2000m
Power supply AC220V, 50HZ
Temperature range +2 °C -+8 °C
Material Inside stainless steel
Outside cold-roll steel sheets
Size Inside 530*495*515mm
Outside 620*680*1080mm
Output 200W
Layer 2 pcs

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